Poll to Ban Trapping!

Do you support I-169, which is the initiative that would ban trapping on public lands?

I-169 prohibits the trapping of fur-bearing animals, game animals, migratory game birds, upland game birds, large predators, predatory animals, and certain nongame wildlife by any means on any public lands within Montana, including public lands leased to private parties, subject to limited exceptions. I-169 allows the use of nonlethal snares, traps, or nets to take wildlife for purposes of scientific research, migratory bird propagation, falconry, relocation, medical treatment or to protect public health and safety. If nonlethal methods have been tried and found ineffective, I-169 allows trapping by public employees and their agents for nuisance or conflict animal problems. Trapped animal carcasses may be used only for beneficial public purposes.

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