Floofala was recovering from surgery after she broke her leg, the ball seperated from the femur and need to be removed entirely, leaving a tissue joint where there is typically ball and socket. So she will never walk completely normal again. But it won't affect her mobility. She still runs!

Emmie tried to escape her yard and ended up breaking a few of her teeth in the process and needed to go to emergency.

This time of year we call it the 'October crazies' although it seems to start in August and go many months into winter. The foxes get crazy this time of year because of mating season and change in hormones. Foxes that they use to be fine with turn into enemies...this is the current unfortunate situation with Serafina and Emmie. Naturally foxes don't live in groups like this so we expect Serafina might be a issue because with how dominant she is. So Emmie and Serafina try to fight over dominance so we have been needing to seperate them.

Both Emmie and Floofala have been recovering these past few weeks. It's been a hard month. But look at them doing great now!

If you would like to donate to help with the foxes medical costs. All donation links are on website saveafox.org