Lots of furries identfied it self just foxes, Im a fox too and often Im my fox caracktery Smirre Kirax. Sometimes Im a Sergal or a wolf too. But must of time Im a fox!

To identifiereing self just a animal or a furrycaraktery, is not mental sicknes, that is a subculture or a spirital conekting with animals. Just a furry lifestyle.
Some peoples just teatchers and personal in the comunale se just animalidentifiering and furry if a sicknes and mentaly handicape. But that is not soo.

I have identifiered my self just a wolf from 11 years and from 16-17 years just a fox. I spend much of my time to the furry life o Internet in just comunitys just Swedish Paws and before in SveaFur, but the trolls is real assholes (bullys from SIVO) doing SveaFur to a bad place. Glad to Swedish Paws and FaceBook groups dont accept bullyng och trolling.

I have even in real life was to Japan 2012 for visit the Fujime Inari Taisha and converte to Shinto and take Inari in my hearth. Inari is the god of foxes.
2013, 2014 and 2015 I was to Nordic FuzzCon in Stockholm for meet other furries and buy furrystuff, of course learn me more about the furry culture and be a better furrie!