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Relaxing at home with his wife and friends, Mick Heath’s peaceful afternoon was shattered when a pack of hounds burst into his neighbour’s garden.

It soon became clear that the dogs belonged to a hunt and had cornered a fox.

Mr Heath claims that after the hounds had finished with their prey a senior member of the hunt strode over and clubbed it to death on his neighbour’s patio, which he can see from his living room.

Disgusted: Mick Heath has told how he saw a fox clubbed to death on his garden patio after a hunt 'went out of control'

The graphic designer – who is not opposed to hunting – yesterday spoke of his disgust at what happened outside his home in Bradfield, Essex.

‘It was totally barbaric,’ he said. ‘We were at home having a nice, normal weekend when we heard a commotion – voices, horns and the noise of the hounds – and they were so close that I threw my three cocker spaniels indoors. The fox had gone to ground at the end of our neighbour’s garden.

‘The hounds piled in and suddenly the whipmaster of the hunt walked across the patio and clubbed the fox to death in front of us.’

Watching the commotion with Mr Heath, 53, was his friend Joe Morton, 46. Mr Heath said: ‘My friend Joe, who is an outdoorsy chap and knows the ways of the countryside, turned to him and said “You b******”. The whipmaster just said “Sorry, sorry” and walked away with the fox, leaving a pool of blood on the patio.’

'Barbaric': Mick Heath's patio is still stained with blood, the RSPCA is investigating the incident

His wife Jane, 61, and Mr Morton’s son, 13, were in another room but did not see the fox’s death. The Heaths’ neighbours were also in but declined to comment.

The Essex and Suffolk Hunt was using the hounds to flush out animals and using a bird of prey to make the kill. This is legal under the Hunting Act 2004.

Mr Heath complained the members were not in control of the pack. He added: ‘I am not anti-hunt – I have taken my grandchildren to see the hunt set off as it’s a wonderful spectacle. It is the fact that they did this in front of us and an impressionable teenage boy in a private garden.

‘They could have taken that fox away and shot it.’

The Essex and Suffolk Hunt yesterday denied any member was directly involved in killing the fox.

Senior huntsman James Buckle said: ‘The fox was killed by the hounds. There is no way they would do half the job.

‘The hunt master was whipping the pack to get the dead fox from them.’

He said the owner of the garden had accepted the hunt’s apology. Police said the hunt was using a bird of prey and the pack had accidentally picked up the fox’s scent.

A spokesman said officers had spoken to the hunt and the homeowners were satisfied with police action.

The spokesman added: ‘There was no offence committed.’

The RSPCA said it was investigating the incident.

Ger man sig på rävar eller katter eller vilka djur som helst och slår ihjäl dem så är det lika illa som att ge sig på barn och slå ihjäl dem! Gör man sådant så har man försatt sin rätt att få leva!  :o