This is Wacipi's teeth when she was 6 months old, they are much bigger as a full adult but this is not as easy to do when they are adults.

Wolf Teeth Info: "The wolf has very strong jaws. They have a "crushing pressure of perhaps 1,500 (lbs/square inch) compared to 740 (lbs/square inch) for a German Shepherd.

"Wolves have forty-two teeth: twelve incisors, four canines, sixteen pre molars, and ten carnassials and molars. The canines of the wolf are 1-inch long, strong, sharp, and slightly curved. These are the teeth used for grabbing prey. The wolf does not chew its food, using its carnassials to scissor off a piece of meat that can then be swallowed in a manageable chunk. Having strong jaws allows the wolf to crush bones to get to the soft marrow; it also helps the wolf eat most of its prey leaving very little waste." (Info from
This is how wolves use their teeth in the wild. Unfortunately our wolves do not get to hunt, they are fed by us. It is sad that they cannot be free but as a rescue we give them the best life we can. They are happy, healthy and LOVED.