VancouFur 2023 was the twelfth instance of the VancouFur convention. Running for four days of events, it was held between March 2-5, 2023 at the Vancouver Sheraton Guildford Hotel in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.


VancouFur 2023 had a theme of Beyond Furmageddon, a post-apocalyptic theme, but focused more on the rebuilding and renewal after the event happened, which according to lore was part of a three-part story that followed through from 2020's "Neon City". The robot uprising had created the apocalypse after an AI (from 2021-2022 theme of 'Evfurquest') infected with a virus (from 2020's Neon City theme) went rampant and used the robots to destroy the world. The timeline of the con's theme was far enough in the future that the war with the robots had ended and the settlers/survivors were now rebuilding.

Video of the theme was showcased at the closing ceremony of 2022, and key artwork was featured on the website as well as a splash page with registration at the end of the 2022 event.

The con featured an in-person as well as online/digital con experience of the con using VRchat, as well as streaming events on Twitch, Discord, and Minecraft.


The 2023 guest of honor was dancer and streamer Rahne 2023's Community Spotlight was on artist Temrin.


There were 1528 in-person attendees, including 323 fursuiters in the fursuit parade announced in the closing ceremonies. The final numbers for the convention's charity, QMUNITY, are still pending.


The event was swatted by Surrey's police after receiving a spoofed phone call from an unknown individual about a situation occurring at the convention. Police went through the motions of investigating the call and checking out VancouFur's premises, finding no credible threats, with no disruptions occurring. The event continued and ended uneventfully.

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