They are called: "3rd Aerial Girls Squad!"
Its a fictional Manga adaptation in the Anime Shirobako which is about: "how are Animes made".

The creator of the Manga 3rd Aerial Girls Squad on which the adaptation is based, is "Nogame Takezou" whos character and looks are based on Nogami Takeshi. Nogami Takeshi is a real live artist who is the mangaka behind Girls und Panzer Ribbon Warrior and the main character designer for Girls und Panzer the Anime.

The Aircrafts!

IAI Kfir - (Green Aircraft)
Saab 37 Viggen - (Blue Aircraft)
Mitsubishi F-1 - (Yellow Aircraft)
McDonnel-Douglas F-4 Phantom II (Pink Aircraft)
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23 (Purple Aircraft)