The Fox is a wonderful animal and no other animal in the British Isles causes so much debate. There’s doesn’t seem to be a middle ground they are either loved and adored or hated and persecuted. I’m in the group that loves them, I spend many hours watching the fox in its urban world as well as its countryside home and the sight of one is a true joy, especially during the cub season when they are possibly easiest to view. Hours are spent observing young foxes play fighting with each other and lazing around on the long summer days. Watching them in the harsh beauty of the winter and seeing how they cope with the conditions can be equally as rewarding.

They generally just want to be left alone and actively go out of their way to stay out of ours, seeing a fox when I was young was a big inspiration to me and I meet people who have grown up loving the natural world and try and protect and some of their early memories were ones of foxes on open fields at dusk or skulking through our city streets after hours. I’m currently checking many suitable fox territories in the hope of finding a family to watch. It can be a long and difficult process but in the end as with many other years the rewards are some of the best moments I’ve ever had with nature.

“A shallow sea of ivy carpets the floor and leaves left behind from the Autumn fill in the gaps, a gentle track is softly trodden through the woodland floor and leads to a clump of bramble in the corner of the wood, light pierces through light the sharpness of the bramble spikes, I can just make out a daunting pointy eared figure amongst the heavy leaves, I can see an eye lit up like fire from the late winter sun surrounded by the colour of a rusty oak leaf and a freckled by snowy white, dense uninviting bramble with shades of post box red and green almost mask the dog fox who’s just catching up on some rest, he’s barely visible and that’s the way he wants it, almost unseen between the light and the shadows of the wood, I sit there still as I can be gazing at him, it’s hard to look away from those eyes as though he wants me to look at him,”

The Fox has a true wild spirit, a restless hunger in their eyes, one that tells a story of an animal heavily persecuted. Sometimes I approach a fox and it looks so petrified of me and sometimes they look like just want be accepted and left alone. Whatever your feelings are towards the fox you can’t deny there quality as a species to survive and adapt to almost any habit, and in most places not only survive but flourish. The fox is beautiful, intelligent and an important part of the ecosystem and needs to be left well alone wild and free.