All noses are made from silicone so very squishy; each nose has a glitter effect to it to match the color of silicone used.

All noses (except for the black nose) are UV reactive so glow under a blacklight. The black nose just has a silver metallic sheen to it, but we thought we'd put that in there as well since we did a white set.

Each nose has been made in large k9, medium k9, and small k9 in our realistic style.

These are NOT the only colors we can produce; we can make noses in nearly any color you can imagine, given a reference.

We just thought we'd give a base reference to those wondering.

These noses are not for sale; these are all going to Furry Fiesta this weekend with us to our AA table; so if you're going, expect to see them there! We'll also be taking a variety of other noses and such, toony, plastic, etc as well as solid black noses.

As you can see we also offer LED noses in our toony styles as well!

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