Silvia the Sergal - Partial Fursuit!

Say hello to our first ever CHEESE WEDGE! 🧀
I mean uhh... SERGAL! 😁

Silvia the Sergal is here and for a first, I couldn't be more happy with the way it turned out. 

The Bavarian Furdance 6!

40 Awesome Fursuits!

Hello there :3

I always been attracted by the Fandom Furry and more again by the Fursuits who've given happiness a lot of time :3

So voila, I wanted to make a short video with 40 awesome fursuits and builders who who did a great job with them x3 So enjoy the video fellows :3

PAWAI 2018 Con Video!

PAWAI Folktale!

Furries at IF Winter Furmeet!