How many pets is too many pets for Finnegan Fox?

Morning fox talks ~ By Finnegan Fox and DixieDo Fox!

Finnegan Fox throws a temper tantrum!

Finnegan Fox, Vixie, and Dixie go to the vet!

Time for some routine blood work and health exam and some of our older foxes. Dixie, Finnegan, and Vixie are between ages 4-6. which really isn't that old considering foxes can live until 15 in captivity. In the wild a Red Fox will TYPICALLY only live 2-3 years. So I consider 5 years old still old for a fox! By now the foxes metabolism has slowed down and some health issues can start arising. Luckily for Finnegan and his friends all results came back healthy, but they could benefit from loosing a few pounds.

Finnegan Fox the Red Fox takes Sunday sunset walks!

The foxes that say HEHEHE!

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