Yipp! Smirre här.

Har sovit några timmar nu!



Here's a photo of FRANKIE from yesterday. Not 24 hours after being found cold and alone, he started climbing practice and managed to get behind and underneath the hot water bottle, making himself very comfortable with no help at all from the Teddy Bear.

Bermondsey, London SE1 cubs

Dear friends! In view of the growing, acceptable atrocities inflicted on animals to satisfy sadistic instincts, we have created a new page that will address these specific issues: PENNING, TRAPPING & BEAR BAYING. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Coalition-Against-Bloodsports-USA/229101223940426 Each state in the United States will have an admin representing his/her state and posting related information. As a coalition, we'll have a better chance to make a difference for these defenseless animals in the hands of lesser humans.

Please see our petitions and related information on this page!

Min Pokémon är Dragonair! :-) 

Inte Slowpoke.... :-P


A fox in the hen house is usually a recipe for disaster.

But having crept into a coop while its eight residents were pecking about outside, this cunning customer just curled up on a nest of their eggs for a nap.

Maybe he was tired and it was the closest thing he could find to a feather bed, or perhaps he was slyly dreaming of a chicken omelette for tea.

Smirre säger-> Väl insatt i vulpinismen så kan jag lungt säga att rävar är däggdjur som föder levande ungar på våren! Enkelt att ta reda på om rävar är däggdjur eller äggläggare. Kolla under räven så hittar du en navel - vilket alla däggdjur har just för att de är däggdjur! ^__^

Knasräven & kakburken!


F-16 Fighting Falcon!

F-22 Raptor!

F-117 Night Hawk!

SPECIALVAPEN FÖR MILITÄRER & POLISER! - vapen som jag tycker djurrättsaktivister skulle få ha tillgång till för att försvara djuren också!

Ska sova några timmar till. Sen är det möte med mera idag!