Since the invention of the first airplane, engineers have tried to push the limits of speed. When the jet engine was invented during WWII, fighter jets and later commercial airliners became far faster than they ever had been.

As jet engine technology progressed, so did top speeds, up until today and beyond! Travelling in air has been one of the most exciting things to do in this world. It is also the fastest mode of travel in the world.

Planes which are used to fly from one place to another can carry people to other continents, countries and across the oceans within hours. There was a time when such long distances were travelled in days and weeks via ships on water or road trip. With the advancement in technology, there are planes that take only minutes to reach their destination.

In this video, we are going to highlight the fastest aircraft in the world. These airplanes achieve the highest level of speeds which no other vehicle can. Russia is Testing Their Most Fast Secret Jet Fighter!