Ruby the fox from Coventry 21/11/2014: This is the little face that always greets us and I am sure it is saying' OK, what's on the menu today Mr Two Legs' She just loves her food and this is great to see as she was under weight and her immune system compromised, so we are hoping that on her next visit to the vets she has put on weight and will be fit enough for us to start her conventional mange treatment. She is still on Antibiotics and Anti-Inflammatory pain killers for her legs. At times she actually pulls the food that I am putting in with her, out of my hands the little Minx wants her food and she wants it now! We have noticed a slight wheeze and sometimes a cough coming from her so will get the vets to examine her chest but in the meantime will give her a worming tablet just in case. Updates will follow after her next visit at the vets this Monday 24th
med och Ruby the fox from Coventry.