MEET WOMBLE - He's come in with a small amount of mange but moreover because he's acting a bit strange. He's being treated for parasite burden in the first instance as this can often cause a fox to act out of character. We generally see foxes busy going about their business on nightly rounds to find food, but foxes with parasite burdens can appear what can only be described as lost and confused.

Ofsted the vixen from Birmingham 24th October 2015. Ofsted was reported to us around a month or so ago walking up to children and adults in a school grounds, this little fox would also follow the caretaker around and did actually start entering the school. Knowing this was abnormal behavior Paul went out and set a cage trap in the hope of catching this gorgeous little fox.

Today after weeks of no success, Ofsted walked into the trap and Paul went out to collect her. Once back at Paul's he was able to give her a check over and was shocked on just how friendly this little fox was. He could stroke her and she showed no aggression at all!

Ofsted will come to us in the next day or so and we feel we should get her to the vets for blood tests to rule out or confirm Toxoplasmosis. As always, updates will follow.