Hello foxy peeps, we think its important to make this statement: Where a fox has mange and in circumstances where hair loss is less than 40% homeopathic medicine and herbal remedies have been proven to work. We take a holistic view that improving the health and well being by giving immune boosters and wormer on a regular basis is prevention at best. We offer natural anti-biotic, anti parasitic remedy where the alternative of conventional medicine is either not practical or available and in our own experience and we have shown you many photos of bright eyed bushy tailed foxes it works. Sadly when mange is so bad that the use of antibiotics and vet meds is needed trapping is the only solution. We are not a bunch of tree hugging (although we do do that some times) lentil chucking weidos that shun science its just we like many before us and for many thousands of years have used these ingredients to treat humans. thank you.

Foxy peeps, we had a request for help with bad mange and skiny fox the kind lady had tried previously with remedy drops (not from us) but did not work so we have sent her today our focus pack with 2 bottles of Homeopathic Mange remedy (Arsenicum Alb & Sulphur 30c) some crushed garlic, apple cider vinegar, wormer (plant based) and immune booster drops (Echinacea based) with our new instructions. We really hope it works and we will give you feedback when we get it.

Thank you The Fox Man your doing a fantastic job, sending loads of healing foxy vibes and wishing Ferris the fox a speedy and full recovery.