March will soon be here: March is the peak time when vixens give birth to their cubs. The average litter size is between 4 - 5. The cubs are totally dependant on their mother as they are not only blind and deaf but also can't maintain their own body heat. They weigh approximately three and a half ounces and their little round faces are designed perfectly to attach themselves to their mothers nipples to feed. Only when they start to wean do their muzzles start to get longer.

They are black when they are born and are roughly four inches long and are often mistaken for puppies. In the first ten to twelve days the vixen will rarely leave them. Whilst they rely on mum for everything, the vixen relies mainly on the dog fox for food.

Whilst feeding, their front little paws paddle and this can also be observed in abandoned cubs fed from the bottle. This paddling no doubt stimulates the milk flow from the vixen. At this early age they also need stimulating to defecate and urinate and the vixen does this with her tongue whilst cleaning them. I have a great passion for foxes but this is one activity we don't try to mimic, a warm wet cotton bud does the stimulating just fine!
med, Jackie Davis och At only days old this fox cub is unable to maintain its own body heat and is blind and deaf.