'Make Hunting History' march on Downing Street this Bank Holiday Monday!

Prime Minister Theresa May has made several serious mistakes in her election campaign, but her biggest 'unforced error' of all could be her public support for foxhunting, opposed by 17 in 20 voters. Now a huge march to her Downing Street residence is planned for next Monday to 'Make Hunting History!'

Thousands of people will join a peaceful march through the streets of central London to Downing Street on Bank Holiday Monday 29 May to oppose Theresa May's plan to hold a free vote on the repeal of the Hunting Act if she wins the 8th June general election.

The 'Make Hunting History' march, which is expected to be the largest public protest of the entire General Election Campaign, aims to persuade May to abandon her deeply unpopular policy to bring back foxhunting, and to warn voters of the consequences to wildlife if she does not.

The march is being organised by an alliance of anti-hunt campaign groups and individuals. Speakers will include actor and animal rights activist Peter Egan and wildlife campaigner and writer, Dominic Dyer and Naturalist and TV presenter Anneka Svenska

"This protest march was planned a number of weeks ago and we have given careful consideration to continuing with the event, following the terrorist attack at the Manchester Arena", said Dominic Dyer, a co-organiser of the protest.

"However we have decided to go ahead with the march with the full support and co-operation of the police and security services, as we strongly believe that terrorists can never be allowed to stop us from exercising our right to freedom of speech and peaceful protest, which is of even more importance during a General Election Campaign.

"In response to the fear and hatred of terrorism, we want to show the world that Britain is a caring and compassionate society and a beacon of light when it comes to wildlife protection and animal welfare."

The Hunting Act must stay!

The march will see thousands of people come together from all walks of life ethnic groups and religions, he continued, "united in a common cause to prevent the repeal of the Hunting Act, which poses such a threat to foxes, hares and stags and leads to increasing levels of wildlife crime against badgers and other species."

"The event will start with a minutes silence for the victims of the Manchester Arena terror attack, before we march on united in our resolve to make this world a better place for animals and people."

Naturalist and broadcaster Chris Packham has also given his strong support to the protest march: "The ugly spectre of a legal return to fox hunting is an insult to democracy and a repugnant stain on the efforts of conservationists everywhere. We like life. We love life. All life.

"And we seek to protect and preserve it, we want as much of it to remain so our children can cherish it. The organised savagery that sees wild animals pursued and pulled to pieces by dogs is utterly incompatible with that."

Packham added that foxhunting had nothing to do with managing wildlife populations, but only with the perverse enjoyment of participants in a cruel and archaic sport:

"This is not about animal management, about ecological balance, about 'pest control'", he said. "This is about killing for pleasure, killing for fun. Killing wildlife for fun is a dying business. Let's lay it to rest ... lets make foxhunting history!"

May's big mistake must be challenged by voters

Speaking on an ITV Facebook Live event earlier this month, Theresa May sought to justify her decision to give MPs a vote on repealing the 2004 Hunting Act:

"I have always supported fox hunting, but clearly I'm not saying I'm going to bring it back. What I'm saying is we will have a free vote in Parliament so MPs will be able to make up their own mind on this issue.

"Some of the other forms of dealing with foxes can be cruel, so my view is it should be a free vote for Parliament so members of parliament individually should be able to exercise their view on this matter."

Actor and animal rights activist Peter Egan, who will be speaking at the march, said that with Brexit, "We are about to take a major step regarding our nation's future, I would like to think it was in better hands, than those who wish to take us backwards, to the most uncivilised, cruel and anachronistic pastimes."

Beth Granter, Care2 Campaigner, said: "The fox hunt ban must be protected. There should be no vote on its repeal. Hundreds of thousands of Care2 members have signed multiple petitions demanding that foxes be left in peace and that Theresa May drop her calls for a hunting ban repeal vote."



PORTLAND, Or. – Portland’s city council on Wednesday voted 3 to 1 in favor of the Equal Use Act, a new resolution granting individuals who identify as furries the same rights afforded to dogs and their respective owners who frequent popular off-leash areas and dog parks in the greater Portland area.

The decision comes on the heels of a four-day sit-in organized by PDX Furs, a regional furry community based in the Portland metro area, which staged the protest at Portland’s city council offices on Milwaukie Avenue last weekend. “This is a huge victory,” said Bo Kirkman. “Not just for furries here in Portland but furries living all across the United States.”

Bo, a former kindergarten teacher and self-described furry rights advocate, told the Portland Tribune that he identifies as a dog. “It’s one thing to say you can’t bring your cat or your ferret or whatever to the off-leash areas because obviously they’re not dogs. But if I want to go to the park and play with my owner, well as a canine, that should be my right.”

Now, thanks to the City of Portland, Bo and his fellow furries can take advantage of the city’s designated off-leash areas. “Provided they respect and adhere to the posted rules and regulations at our city parks,” said Public Affairs commissioner Dan Saltzman who sits on the city council and voted in favor of the resolution.

According to the City of Portland’s official website, dog park visitors are expected to pick up and dispose of their pet’s waste and are advised to leave sick animals at home. “In an effort to prevent the spread of disease, we ask that owners refrain from allowing their dogs – or furries – drink from standing water,” Saltzman said.

However, not everyone is celebrating the new resolution.. “I think it’s rediculous,” said council-member Amanda Fritz who sits on the Portland Parks Board and voted against the proposal. “We’re allowing people in costumes to frolic about and fornicate to their heart’s content in our public parks.”

Mrs. Fritz may be alone in her sentiments. Portland mayor Charlie Hales told the Daily Journal of Commerce that the Equal Use Act is synonymous with Portland’s unofficial slogan. “Keep Portland weird,” quoted Mayor Hales before adding, “That is precisely what we intend to do.”



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Idag har det varit 28 grader varmt, blå himmel och strålande sol.

Blåräv, jag och Helena har varit i Ängelholm och med Tindratröjor gått den Änglamarchen, det var mycket aktivitet och mycket folk som deltog.

Det fanns gungor där men bara för de minsta barnen, sådna gungor som sitter som en blöja. Jag tycker om att gunga men behöver en vanlig gunga som är som en bräda för det och några sådana gungor fanns inte där.

Det fanns Hästar där och umgicks med dem en stund.

Träffade också Peter som jag inte träffat på väldigt länge, han undrade hur det var med mig så jag berättade att jag nu bor i Finja i en egen lägenhet på 120 kvadratmeter, har ett bra och fungerande Internet, skaffat akvarium och stor TV. Att jag har en krafttfull gamingdator och att jag efter Rävninge reste till Japan och var 8 dagar i Japan, att jag sen pluggat och idag pysslar lite med varje. Att jag sen 2013 är med på Nordic Fuzz Con och har ett bra fungerande nätverk med andra Furrisar. Peter blev glad av att höra att det går bra för mig.

Vi gick Änglamarchen och åt sen glass, jag fick en fin medalj också!

Polisen var också där och informerade, pratade med polismannen och ville kolla på hans pistol, batong och komradio. Pistolen ville han dock inte ta ur hölstret och visa, han sa att det är en vanlig 9 mm Sieg Sauer som är det tjänstevapen som polisen använder. Batongen visade han att den är utfällbar och att komradion går till all blåljusverksamhet.

När vi kom hem så fikade i hos Mor och sen var jag ut till Narwille och umgicks med Sergalerna där.

Träffade Salaster och


Saber var också där och hade sin motorcykel med sig och jag kommer ihåg sen sist, att ingen rör eller kör hans motorcykel.

Vilat en stund och sen åkte jag och Blåräv in till Hässleholm för att vara med på Crusingen och det vet man ju att när Cruisingen är så har sommaren kommit till Hässleholm.

Var vid Svearondellen och fick bra bilder på Crusingbilarna både vid rondellen, parken och City Gross parkering.

Ikväll varit på GYC och umgåtts med andra Furrisar.


Ja, jag är för GunRights och står för det, det finns ett antal anledningar till att jag är för GunRights som jag inte behöver gå in på här. Jag tycker inte att personer som anser att jakt på rovdjur eller § 28 är okej har rätt att kritisera mig eller någon annan som stödjer GunRights, för det är hyckleri anser jag.


Fiskar hjälper tomater i unik odling!

Barn utan skola – föräldrar rädda för wifi-strålning!

Polisen varnar för vägpirater på E6!