Whilst he may not look that much better after ten days of being in our care, we can give some positive feedback already. His eyes are starting to respond to the ointment and bathing and although not fully open he does peer at me and I can see his eyes now. His diarrhoea is under control and he is no longer drinking copious amounts of water. He also had a heavy worm burden, so much so that when he was sick he would bring them up! The worm burden has now been dealt with and he is worm free. When he came in ten days ago he weighed 6.40 kg and today he weighs 6.75 kg. He loves his breakfast and will only settle when he has eaten and is in a clean pen and then come supper time he is up and looking to eat. If he continues to show these great improvements the middle of next week we should be able to start his conventional mange medication that will take care of the ticks and the mites. So whilst he may still look like a sight for sore eyes we do always try to treat them from inside out and we are sure he must be feeling a little better already. One can only imagine with the past ten days of cold days and nights that this gorgeous little fellow wouldn't have made it. He is not out of the woods yet but we are sure he can now at least start seeing the trees.
med www.nfws.org.uk och Mr Fox from Essex.