Fifi Fox - Just A Touch Of Love.

Three days ago we received a telephone call regarding a fox that had been spotted with what appeared to be a bad case of mange. The lady had seen the fox coming to and from her garden during the day at her home in Mackworth, Derby. We decided that the best course of action was to trap the fox as the mange had affected 60% of her body.

Tonight we received a call to
say that she had finally gone into the trap. We collected her and brought her back to our infirmary for treatment.

Although Fifi has mange; infected skin and a wound on her rump, she is still quite bright. We have initiated a treatment regime for the mange and she is receiving antibiotics for the wound, which we suspect is a bite from either another fox or a small dog.

We will keep you all updated on her progress over the next few weeks but we expect, with just a touch of love, that this old lady will make a full recovery.