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Great news Foxy peeps, some may have missed our post - .>> We will continue providing treatments and running the service to help the foxes <<< We urgently need help to get Mange drops and wormer we have good stocks of immune booster. We have found an alternative supplier to buy in bulk rather than retail bottles at retail prices and paying postage twice, We also need to bump up the fund for more stamps. If you can help us please consider joining as a paid member from £1 per month or donating if you can!


Just a thought, if each person that liked our page gave 20p that less than 50c or half a dollar with over 7000 likes we would raise over one thousand pounds to fund treatments. Would you miss 20p ?

Huge thank you to those that have donated already or support the the treatment program with paid membership the foxes would not be getting this help be it for you kind generosity so thank you.

News Announcement: Its is with regret Foxy peeps that we shall be stopping the free Mange treatment program once the supplies have been distributed. We have also closed the paid membership for Foxnthecity and written to our members to explain the service is stopping. Thank you to all the kind supporters for keeping the program open but it not sustainable as a free service and we are uncomfortable asking for money and even more uncomfortable with the emails being sent to our supporters by a small minority of ignorant people spreading malicous rubbish about us charging for treatments and damaging our fund raising efforts.

We have been filming with a production crew for the BBC taking part in a programme about wildlife to be shown in January so we may well open up the free mange treatment program in the near future.


Har varit en lugn dag, har handlat till mor idag och städat min lya! Hämtat Ella och Klasse på hundpanget och rastat dem på Mölleröd!

Kollat på EDGE OF TOMOROW i kväll, den var bra!

Edge of Tomorrow är en amerikansk-australisk action-science fiction-film från 2014, i regi av Doug Liman. Filmen är baserad på den japanska lightnovellen All You Need is Kill av Hiroshi Sakurazaka. I huvudrollerna medverkar Tom Cruise och Emily Blunt. Rättigheterna till novellen köptes i slutet av 2009, och inspelning påbörjades i slutet av 2012.

Filmen hade världspremiär den 28 maj 2014, inklusive i Storbritannien, där den hade officiell biopremiär på en av Londons IMAX-filmbiografer, London IMAX. Den 30 maj 2014 hade filmen brittisk publikpremiär. En vecka senare den 5 juni 2014, hade filmen svensk biopremiär, samt dagen efter amerikansk premiär. Många filmrecensenter har gett Edge of Tomorrow positiva recensioner.

Berguv. Foto: DickDaniels via Wikimedia

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