Didn't we do well! I'm just recovering from the March!

Angie Patersons foto.

I had tears I'm my eyes as I looked at the thousands of fox loving people that had turned out to support the ban . Knowing the setbacks we'd had on planning but it was so worth all the hours we spent getting this up and running again after it had be supposedly been cancelled . We never once cancelled our March .
Being in the crowd it did get me very emotional. The police were fantastic all the roads were blocked and we were totally safe. We couldn't have had them do more . People on the streets were joining us and people were waving to support us. I can't tell you how that felt . I've never felt so proud in my life. It's was all of you that made me so very proud . I love you all and will never ever forget this as long as I live.

Thank you for everything! <3