We presumed (you should never presume) supporters of FoxNTheCity would like the idea of us joining forces with NFWS to provide a PitStop or Over night Care facility to make London rescues easier but we did not ask you. Tell us if you support the idea because we need to find a way to fund it. The previous post I put out failed to get any response and Likes to people reach was a tiny percentage of usua 37 likes from 1865 people reachedl. We can only summise fans are not keen, so please let us know. Thank you. Rod.
also you can message us privately with your views you dont have to leave a public comment.

Thank you its wonderful to see support for our plan to convert the cabin over to an "Overnight Care Facility for sick and injured foxes". We have launched a dedicated appeal page on the youcaring website see the link below and hope many of you will share it with your friends, in foxy communities on foxy pages and everywhere you can Smiley smile its a great idea and it will work if we can get the funding, so please like and share. Thank you for your incredible support. Rod.