January 21st, 2017 In Brief: I will be meeting up with Jane (NFWS East Sussex) today to collect John Lewis so we can look to get him to the vets for a check over and blood taken to rule out or confirm certain conditions. This morning we have had a call from a lady in Middlesex who has managed to pick up a fox with a leg injury without no attempts by the fox to bite and has contained the fox in a dog cage. The lady describes the fox as having a vacant look. So we are not sure whether the fox has taken a blow from a passing car or is suffering from something else.

Jane will collect the fox on her way to meeting me, thought to be one of last years fox cubs, and I can then bring the fox back with me in addition to John Lewis.

Louise & Liz (NFWS Surrey Region) will be going out later to a fox showing no real fear and holding its head to the side. George (NFWS London Region) will be going out later to see if she can observe a fox that has been reported to us acting strangely, as will Dave (NFWS Essex Region) if we can get the address in Essex where a fox is acting abnormally. Stella (NFWS Bournemouth Region) has set the trap for the fox with slight mange and a terrible back leg injury. Lisa (NFWS Yorkshire Region) Has set the trap already that arrived by courier this morning for a fox with very bad Sarcoptic Mange. Pete & Karolina (NFWS Birmingham Region) will set a cage trap for a fox observed dragging both back legs. Lloyd (NFWS Essex Region) set a cage trap this morning for the fox with a missing tail and a very bad leg injury.

All these cage traps are in addition to one's already set around the country. Updates on the above will follow, when we know more or the foxes have been caught. With the fox being collected from Middlesex we will have 19 Foxes in the care of NFWS.