July 23rd 2015: After ensuring all the patients were fed, even little Reggie played ball on this, I left for Leicester in the hope of cage trapping the fox with the leg injury at approximately 7.00pm. On the way I stopped at the garage to get some fuel and thought I best get something sweet to bait the trap with, so purchased a packet of Jaffa Cakes!. After meeting the kind family who called me in the cage trap was set and baited at 8.30pm. I sat back in the car so I could watch from a distance whilst the kind family kept an eye on the trap from the window.

An hour later a large dog fox ambled down and started to mark the area before eating a little of the food the lady had put down and then trotted off after about five minutes. At about 10pm the fox with the leg injury limped down towards the food and started to eat. This little fox was interrupted when the dog fox came back, and at one point we thought he may scare the injured fox away. The dog fox went off into the shadows and the injured fox continued to eat.

The lady, who the fox knows to trust, went and threw a little food down nearer the trap to entice him closer, this thankfully worked! For the next ten minutes, the little fox started to eat the trail of Jaffa Cakes I had left down and was getting closer to going in the trap. Soon the trail had gone and all that was left of them was what was inside the trap the little fox had got a taste for the cakes, so entered several times before treading on the false floor and bringing the door down behind him. Once trapped, the little fox just looked at us, showing no real signs of fear or concern. I said thank you to Bruce and the kind family that called me out and made my way back home at about 10.30pm, pleased we had caught this poorly fox so quick.

Once home Jaffa was settled in with food and water and pain relief given. An appointment will be made today with our vet and updates as usual will follow when we know more.