July 23rd, 2016: Aiyana the vixen from East Sussex!

Aiyana, Meaning is 'remember the struggle' or blossoming flower!

Chris from Bexhill and Hastings Wildlife Rescue called us after going out to this vixen after she was involved in a road traffic accident, asking if we would be able to take her on and get her looked at by the vets.

I phoned Jane (NFWS East Sussex) who agreed to go straight away to collect this poorly vixen and take her to Rosario at Horsebridge vets in East Sussex. Rosario is a brilliant compassionate vet and we know she will do all she can to try to save this little vixen.

Aiyana weighs 5.3 kg and was given IV pain relief and antibiotics. She has a fractured front canine lower, soft tissue damage to nose and jaw, slight congestion in right lung side of impact, thankfully this had reduced on the second check, she is still very concussed but her stools are normal, she was given oxygen and had two X-rays

Later in the day: Jane wrote: Just back from Rosario's and she is still with us, drifting in an out of consciousness and breathing is far more relaxed than it was this morning. I've taken over a kennel for her as she is still on a drip and having pain relief intravenously. Rosario lives on site so will be keeping a close eye on her.

The next 24 - 48 hours will be critical for this little girl, so fingers crossed, she pulls through.

As always, special thanks to Chris from Bexhill and Hastings Wildlife Rescue for rescuing Aiyana and then calling us. Jane (NFWS East Sussex) fro dropping everything to go out and collect the poorly little vixen and getting her straight away to the vets for emergency treatment. Last and by no means least to Rosario at Horsebridge Vets in East Sussex, a fantastic compassionate vet who always goes above and beyond to help any of the foxes we take to her.