The 21st-century technological revolution is here. As The result is the gradual disappearance of the familiar weapons born during the Cold War In their place will be a new generation of weapons.

Warfare has always lead to the biggest leaps forward in technology, which each Country constantly striving to have the most advanced and capable armaments to protect their interests at home and abroad.

Seemingly drawing inspiration from science-fiction, the latest and greatest advancements in military hardware and future weaponry paint a scarily accurate and dangerous view of the world of warfare in coming years.

The weapons of a new generation are capable of invisibly and in a matter of seconds destroying targets, can fire projectiles using electricity instead of chemical propellants, find and destroy mines without people involving .

A very important role is assigned to drones, thanks to their compact design, they can track the enemy who is just around the corner, and also work in areas where no GPS signal is available.

Drones are capable of transferring real-time images, and also serve to intercept and destroy.

Join us as we take a trip across the globe to find the brightest and best weaponry from recent years.