Ya wanna know about furries, well I'll tell ya now

Ya come to the right bird to know what being furry is about And ya better listen good Or ya won't understand what must be understood

To make sense of all the ref-rences Coming up in the songs I'll be presenting So pay attention to this information Here's the short version for the impatient

Furries are an Internet subculture Who are fans of anthropomorphic animal characters And they bring them to life in any way they can In costumes, illustration, roleplay and animation

Anthropomorphic means like human But not entirely quite human So animal mascots or animal cartoons Are the kind of characters I mean to refer to

And every furry has a character like this A character that they identify with And that's their furry identity Yes that's who they are to the furry community

La la la la la la la We're furry La la la la la la la La la la la la la la We're furry La la la la la la la

Listen up!

The spaces we express and share our furriness Are on the Internet, that's where so many furries get Together in thousands in online communities Like Second Life, FurryMUCK or Fur Affinity

Virtual international space And it's hard to discriminate Nobody knows your gender or race When you're a talking animal instead of a human face

And we have real world conventions Like Anthrocon or Further Confusion In the Furry Autonomous Zone Alongside your own kind, ya know that you're not alone

When it comes to the details, we may disagree We're as diff'rent from each other as we can be In our interests, in our sexuality, You may have heard the myth but this is the reality:

There's all kinds of furries, no matter what you've heard, We all find our own place In the furry universe, For some furries their space Is kinky or perverse But it's not always that way 'Coz furries are diverse

We are people playing pretend That's all it is in the end Every furry's got their own motivation For participation in the furry congregation

La la la la la la la We're furry La la la la la la la La la la la la la la We're furry La la la la la la la