What If We Discovered Alien Life on Mars?

Just north of the Martian equator lies a 45 km (28 mi) wide impact crater that scientists believe may have been the site of an ancient lake.
Here at Jezero Crater, scientists theorize that its frozen soil may contain the most significant discovery of humankind, life. On February 18th, 2021, NASA's Perseverance rover will search this crater to find out if we're truly alone.

What is the likelihood of life on Mars? How would the Mars landing be?
What would these Martians look like? What if we found aliens on Mars?
How will we send samples back to Earth?

What If We All Lived on Mars?

People on Earth talk a lot about colonizing Mars.
But What If it had already happened and the first humans had already settled down on the Red Planet?

How to Survive on Mars!

We've come so far from that very first 'small step for a man.
But not as far as our dreams will take us. Within a decade or two, Mars will be our next destination.
But are we ready to survive it?