MG so many exciting things happening! :D We can't wait to see you all at MFF 2019!! Please be sure to hug us and get selfies! :) As promised, below you'll find instructions and what to expect when ordering a Holiday Card from us. Thank you in advance for your interest! :)


To commission Doon for Holiday Cards:

1. Please complete a Request Form via this link:

2. Keep an eye on your PayPal email. You will receive an invoice from Doon The Fox (my PayPal email is

3. Submit your payment via this invoice.

4. Wait for your card(s)! Commissions are open RIGHT NOW and will close once November ends.

I will mail out all cards sometime in early/mid December.

If you have any questions, please comment below! Or you're welcome to email me at  Thanks so much everyone!! See you in the next one!