What a week! work suppose to start Monday 21 to develop the derelict garage adjacent to our garden, where the foxes have a den & squiggles have a dray above in the willow. Last minute reprieve, it took mammoth effort and correspondence by phone and email but we got it put on hold again. Asbestos saved the day Smiley smile we are getting some help in to build a stud wall type caged area in our cabin for a care facility but we have had to delay finishing and we have yet to get 2 sky kennels. We scaled our plans right down but we still only managed to raise just under half of the money we need, we have extended our youcare fund raiser to run for two more weeks!


Thank you to those that are supporting our plan to provide a London based care facility for sick and injured foxes. Over the last seven weeks we have sent out free aprox 146 bottles combined (70 odd combo packs) of Mange remedy and Immune Booster and that's almost exhausted our supplies. We are at a crossroads do we order more treatments or do we stop that element to focus on getting a care facility up and running? what a week, but we got a result with the garage and that will keep the foxes safe a little while longer. If you would like to support us with a donation direct rather than our youcaring fund raiser we can accept by paypal our paypal email to send to is: donate@foxnthecity.com