Take a look into the eyes of this fox, he is asking why do a tiny number of people want to hurt me!

If the hunters could be a fox for a day not one single one of them would then agree with hunting with dogs. They would know the sheer terror and horror that awaits them at the hands of some cruel and petty humans.

Yet for the fox, the stag, hare and the mink that is the fate that awaits them shoul...
d the hunting ban be repealed. We can all argue about hunters breaking the law as it stands. yet the very fact the law exists is why the hunters hate it so much. Yes the law has been broken by some hunters who think they are above it. Yet so too is the burglary law, the violence against people law, the fraud law, the law to prevent murder and so on and so on.

Fact is all laws can be broken, the point is that is won't stop all actions from happening but there is a punishment if it does.

All the while the hunting ban remains in place it sets out not just principles of the importance for animal welfare. It also sets out where the public are in terms of what they expect. For the hunting ban labels anyone who breaks it as criminals.

That definition is one of the most important in animal welfare history. It makes it crystal clear that a person is not a freedom fighter, not a person engaged in tradition or in some form of control. No, it makes it 100% clear that hunting with dogs is a reserve of criminal behaviour and such people in society who ignore the law will be labelled criminals.

We share people's concerns over the ban not having a sturdy enough penalty. We accept that area needs improving. Yet you cannot amend a law if it is not in place. So before that happens it has to be defending and those that seek repeal must lose.

For the record however we do call for a minimum two year prison sentence for illegal hunting. We have been consist ant with this and were the first animal group to call for such action with that level of punishment.

The ban does not need repeal. It is not bad law, it's like many laws, it will get broken by those hunters who are arrogant and think the police will not bother enforcing the ban. Yet all it would take is a couple of prosecutions by the police against hunts and that bravado would seen disappear.

The hunting ban is important those that are seeking to repeal it are not.