As a professional photographer and tourguide I'm traveling to Greenland frequently since 10 years.

In this decade I've been hiking and kayaking hundreds of kilometers on the in search of the perfect photograph.

I've seen thousands of icebergs and glaciers, whales and musk ox and of course wild polar fox, but never a white one.

But in September 2018 after a sunrise shot at the disco bay I've seen something pure white standing on the top of a small mountain and looking at me.

A few seconds later the white thing began to move and disappeared behind the small mountain. So I took my camera with me and began running towards the mountain.

After about 20 minutes I reached the top and of course the pure white fox vanished.

So I walked further to the shoreline of Disko Bay. Then while climbing down to a gap in the rocks I saw the fox looking down to me just 2 meters over me.

During the next 20min we did make friends and the distance became smaller.

Then the unthinkable happened.

The fox bit into my lens hood and stayed with me.