November 23rd 2015: Connie the fox from Croydon. Connie the fox from Croydon 22nd November 2015.

15th November 2015: Last Sunday Afternoon Connie was weaving in and out of people's legs in the very busy Croydon High Street and people were stopping to take photographs in disbelief, thankfully one lady could see this wasn't normal behavior, and as Connie tried to enter the shop Primarks, Ann jumped into action. Anne manged to usher Connie towards a quieter area where builders had put up some scaffolding and plastic sheets, with the help of 5 -6 other people, they managed to get Connie confined and tried to keep her there by giving her sandwiches. Ann then phoned the Fox Project who responded straight away and went out to her rescue. Over the years we have worked very closely with the Fox Project on different occasions and had agreed that we would take on Connie once the FP had her stabilised.

22nd November 2015: Connie was covered in ticks and has slight mange and had a wound on her back consistent with a dog or fox bite. Once the Fox Project had her stabilised, Jane agreed to collect her and meet me in Herts to pass her over on Sunday morning at 6am
Connie was settled in with breakfast and a warm bowl of watered down chicken soup, and she loved the soup! Weighing in at only 3.40kg we all feel that little Connie could well be suffering from the condition Toxoplasmosis and in light of this, her first treatment was added to the soup. Some of the dog food given was eaten and later in the evening she was given another bowl of chicken soup in addition to Sardines and cooked chicken.