For several reasons we didn't release Choo Choo back home before Christmas. She was actually due to go back after juggling plans on the 23rd of December, but what with the really bad weather and high winds we decided against it. Choo Choo spent Christmas with us and was released back to her territory yesterday. We left the carrier down as usual for her to acclimatise herself to the smells of home, straight away we knew she knew where she was. She sniffed the air, she knew she was home. We opened the carrier door and she bolted, like many, once she had got a distance, she stopped and looked back. It would be nice to think she was turning around to thank us, but in reality, to Choo Choo we were her prison officers, so we are sure if she had two fingers she would have used them! She went from one bush to another reading them almost like we do the newspapers, and then finally she vanished into the undergrowth. From day one she never enjoyed her captivity but we are sure she looks so much better and must feel so much better after now being cured of the Sarcoptic Mange, that would have eventually killed her. Take care Choo Choo and be safe! =^.^=