fox and cats

This amazing moment happened to this man some months ago. He was relaxing on his sofa watching TV, when he noticed something strange. His cats rushed to the window. They were looking at their new friend.

There was a fox in front of the window and glass door. The cats were very interested in their new buddy. The fox was also very curious about the felines and the man. He was talking very quietly not to scare the animals.

Actually the fox was asleep in his backyard. He lives in a place where wildlife is a normal thing. But, you know that foxes are not so friendly animals, and they run away immediately when they see a human. But, this fox was different.

She wasn`t scared of the man. Maybe she was looking for some help. And yes, the fox had a mange. So, this guy contacted a fox welfare society and they gave him some treatment for mange so he could leave out with some food. This probably help this fox`s fur issue.

That fox was probably used to people. It looks like she wasn`t afraid of the man. And she didn`t try to attack the cats. Well there was window between them, but they don`t look unfriendly. They were just curious for each other.

Foxes are common in this area. And probably this fox was wandering outside and found this place to sleep. Just look at the head movements. This is the cutest moment in the videos. The fox all of sudden decided to make funny head movements.