Update on Jamie the fox: Hi Martin and all on the NFWS Page - I wanted you to know that Jamie is still with us, one week on, although I have only seen him once. Each night he has had a feast waiting for him by our summer house (His menu has been a large swiss roll, a large can of tripe (phew!), couple honey sandwiches, blackberries, chicken glazed with honey, washed down with a large bowl of water.) Each morning, before I head off to school, I check the bowls to bring back to the house and all the bowls are tipped over and licked clean. (The funky pink bowl (his puddin' bowl) this morning was half way up the garden!) My philosophy being I want him to have a full belly until he is confident to move on to his new neighbourhood. (Mike reckons Jamie won't move on until I stop piggin' him out but I think our foxy needs all his strength with this rain and windy weather). Thursday evening I was later than usual bringing his nosh down and caught a glimpse of him by the hedges where he ran off to on Sunday night when he was set free. All is well and am thankful for all the efforts you and NFWS did for our little feisty fox. He was in such a poor state of health 8 weeks ago! I'll keep you posted on any developments. Bless you! Den

To see the story and photos of Jamie please see the Jamie Album and thank you Den for such a 'Good News' update.
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Great news Foxy peeps >>> We have ordered and paid for bulk volume of Mange treatment remedy and Limp remedy->>> enough for 100 bottles of each we have also paid for 100 squeeze dropper bottles and 50 amber plastic dropper bottles (£22.50 for 50).

What we need now >>>> we need 150 amber plastic dropper bottles (£67.50) <<< We need to fund a bulk volume of wormer (£120 per Ltr) and last of all bubble envelopes and large letter stamps.

We are almost on target to get a full service back up and running, we will continue to provide the Mange drops free but we will ask peeps to pay for complete treatment packs or single bottles of Immune Booster, Wormer and Limp remedies at cost price.

Thank you to all of you that have supported the purchase of remedies and the helping keep the service running to help our wild fox population. We intend now to keep a rolling stock of remedy and hope not to be in this situation again.

Please help us if you can we will be ordering wormer and plastic bottles as soon as possible.

If you would like to join us as paid member to support the free treatment program from £1 per month please visit out website!