7.50 pm Essex December 2nd; Vixen hanging by her leg for an hour:

We had a call from a man informing us that a fox was stuck in a fence next door between some metal and concrete and was hanging by her leg and was like this for about an hour. I contacted our relatively new rescuer Tilly who we fully equipped only a few months ago as a new rescuer in her area. She had only just got back from Hertfordshire, but without hesitation agreed to go out straight away.

It was a difficult rescue as she said the poor fox was really wedged in between the fence. After collecting the fox she took it straight away to the vets (Thank you Villy the vet for going to the practice from her house to help). The vixen had wounds that needed stitching and she was put on a drip and medication was given.

Just after Midnight Tilly informed us that the vixen had woke up nicely from sedation and was given food and water. There are no apparent fractures but one of the wounds had the bone exposed. Updates will follow sometime today. Special thanks to both Tilly and the kind vet Villy for going the extra mile to ensure this little fox was given the care it needed.

The vets that gave Aphrodite the great care and medical attention she needed where Tilly works) have only charged us just over £100, they haven't charged for their Call Out, Hospitalisation, Examination etc they have only charged us for drugs etc and they gave us a 20% discount on this too. So please show you appreciate the great work at Rochford Veterinary Clinic by liking their Facebook page, thank you https://www.facebook.com/rochfordvet/timeline

Aphrodite the fox from Essex 3/12/2014: After picking up Aphrodite from the brilliant vets yesterday evening, Aphrodite settles into her new environment. Supper was served consisting of the usual cooked chicken breast, one tin of butchers Trip dog food, some cubes of cheese and a Kipling Apple Pie for desert All must have been exceedingly good as she polished the lot off by this morning, so brunch will be served shortly. She is only weighing in at 4.55kg so is very thin and under nourished. Tilly informed me that they had taken quite a few ticks off her at the vets. With this in mind we are wondering if there is some underlying problem and may do some blood tests once she has settled in a little. She is the sweetest little vixen and appears to be not troubled by our close proximity, but this could be due to all the shock and trauma she has suffered in such a short amount of time. We will monitor her very closely. She has had a two week course of antibiotics via injection and anti-inflammatory pain killers will be added to her food daily. Updates will of course follow.

Aphrodite the fox from Essex Update 18/12/2014: Aphrodite had her visit to the vets yesterday and the vet is very happy with how the wound on her leg is now healing. At our last visit you could still see the bone and the vet thought she may have to do more with it. The wound has been cleaned everyday and is now healing and the bone is no longer exposed and the vet thinks it will scab over shortly. Further good news is that she has started to put on some weight 4.35kg, still not yet back to her original weight but a good sign none the less. In addition bloods were taken to test for Toxoplasmosis so as always we will keep you all updated

Aphrodite the fox from Essex 12/1/2015: This sweet little vixens weight has now remained stable at 4.85 kg and she looks the picture of health. She is still on medication for the Toxoplasmosis and we will do another blood test shortly to see as to whether the blood count has remained stable. There is no doubt that this little vixen wont be able to be returned to the wild, all her wild instincts seem to have gone. I can put my hand straight in with her and stroke her head without any attempts at her biting me. She is more like a gentle domestic dog than a wild fox. Until we take the second bloods and get the results we can't make a decision on her future but we can say unfortunately she wouldn't survive in the wild. Updates to follow as always

Aphrodite the fox from Essex 25/01/2015: Since being on her meds for Toxoplasmosis this gorgeous little vixen does seem to be more spatially aware, The last time we weighed her 21/01/2015 she weighed in at 4.85 kg, today the little dumpling weighs 5.05 kg, so this is a great sign. On Tuesday we have her booked in for her second blood tests to see as to whether the Toxoplasmosis count has remained stable or has risen. Fingers crossed she is stabilised but as always we will keep you all updated.