11/06/2015: Betty found little Reggie in her garden unable to move at all so took to the vets. The vets after examination said there was no wounds or fractures but little Reggie had very weak withdrawal reflexes in both hind limbs and also reduced in forelimbs. Her pupils were reduced and her head was slightly to the left. The vets advised a very poor prognosis even if this was a domestic pet with... referral treatment and euthanasia would be the real option. Betty being a nurse however wanted to give little Reggie at least 24 hours. Reggie was given fluids, antibiotics and pain relief and the vets advised turning him every few hours and to give lots of padding to support the neck and spine.
Vets: 13 June 2015: The vet report slight improvements as they were getting voluntary movements and strong reflexes. The vets suspected left sided brain injury and advised that the cub didn't appear to be in pain so supportive care only. They treated little Reggie for fleas and once again stated with no improvements within the week, euthanasia should be done.
Thursday 18th June 2015: With Betty doing all her wonderful work for the little vixen she then decided she needed to move Reggie on in the hope that an organisation would continue to try as she had done, and phoned Karen asking if she knew anywhere that would take little Reggie on and give her a chance, and Karen phoned us. So arrangements were made to collect Reggie on Saturday. Betty was due to take Reggie for her last visit to the vets in the morning
Vets: 19/6/2015: Much improved, now lifting head and looking around whilst being able to support her weight a lot better with much more voluntary movement. Although still weak on front legs, the back legs are much improved, also eating well. The vets were happy for Betty to continue physio and supportive care, but they warned that whoever was to take her on, may euthanize if recovery appears prolonged or improvements stop. The vet still suspected some type of head trauma initially that had caused the change, but slowly the cub appears to be rallying.
Saturday 20th June 2015: After dropping off the cage trap in West London I head to Essex to collect little Reggie. Reggie was being kept in Betty's spare room and was laying flat out on her sofa when I arrived. As we opened the door, Reggie jumped from the sofa and hid behind some boxes. It would seem this darling little cub was indeed quite agile!
Evening: Saturday evening Reggie was settled into her new pen and food was offered. She licked at the food but didn't really try to eat, so I offered her the cooked chicken breast by hand and she started to gobble it up, once she had all that she wanted plus some fluids, she settled down on a cuddly toy and started to sleep.
Sunday 21st June 2015: Reggie was waiting at the front for her food in the morning and was once again fed by hand, during this feed I was able to examine her a little more closely. It appears that the teeth are missing at the front of her mouth bottom jaw as she has no canines. Whilst she can move around quite well, both her front legs do knuckle. So after her food I gave her some physio on her front and back legs. This was repeated Sunday evening and Monday morning 23rd June. Her eyes do appear quite wide but she is able to see. An appointment will be made with our vets just to get her checked over and for them to look at her mouth, just to be sure she is in no pain. Updates as usual will follow.
Why Reggie? Betty was explaining to me why she called this sweet little vixen Reggie and it proves the world is quite a small place really. She named the little vixen Reggie, as she knew a man in Essex who rescued foxes called Reg Golding from Walthamstow, who sadly passed away recently. Reg, a few years back, was one of our busiest rescuers covering Essex and East London and his dedication to helping foxes was second to none. All that met Reg loved him and admired his dedication. Reg during his time with us rescued hundreds of foxes and would often travel to us in Northamptonshire two to three times in one night. He had a unique relationship with all the foxes he rescued, it was as if they knew he was there to help. Reg will be missed greatly and I feel honored to have known him and honored to be able to call him a friend.
Although it is still too early to say what will happen with the little vixen Reggie, rest assured, as always we will do whatever we can, and if you are looking down on us Reg, this one's for you my friend! = ^^ =