Someone provided me with info on how to reach @/hypersensuality's parents, and I was able to contact her mother!! She has told me that she will be sending back the suit. So once she has shipped it I will make a post, and as well as when it arrives.

Unfortunately, the shipping, chargeback fees, and the alterations are not being covered. I'm not entirely happy with this outcome but l am more than thankful to be getting the suit back in my possession for resale. That being said as soon as the suit is returned to me I will be working to fix the alterations. (If anyone is interested in purchasing this suit feel free to contact me!!)

Additionally- I will be capping the Gofundme me, and refunding any donations after $500 ($400 usd), and any additional ones that are donated from this point on. As stated in the Gofundme description- if the suit was to be returned I am going to keep a small part of the funds donated to cover the chargeback fees, alterations, and shipping costs. I am not sure how bad the damage is to the suit, so once it is back in my possession I will post all the images of things that were altered on the suit.

I cannot thank everyone enough for the absolutely amazing support. I am so lucky to be a part of such an amazing community who can take a horrible situation, and completely turn it around. I am so touched by every one of you who took the time to spread the word, offer support, and donate. I am honestly speechless, I have no words to express how thankful I am.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  <3 

Hello, so everything is explained in full detail at this link :
Long story short; I sold my fursuit to someone, who turned out to be a minor. They stole their parents credit card in order to buy the suit. The suit had already been shipped for more than 2 weeks before receiving the chargeback. 

I recieved 3 emails that look like this; so essentially the credit card company has sided in her favour. At this point there is nothing that PayPal can do. I am out a insane amount of money- for the suit, for the shipping, and chargeback fees from PayPal.

Just to clarify I AM looking into legal action as well as doing everything I can to get in contact with the mother. However because any legal action will take months,(Not only that, because I am from Canada, and they are from the USA it makes things extra complicated.) in the mean time I cannot afford to sit with my account at such a intense negative balance. ;; I have rent, food and bills and plenty of other things i need to pay for, and this negative balance makes it next to impossible for me to pay for these things. 

Any help at all whether that be even a few dollars is incredibly appreciated and means the absolute world to me. I feel beyond terrible about making this but I'm running out of options. This is putting me in a financial crisis, and I have no way to cover the funds. 

EDIT;; if for any reason the money is returned to me, I will NOT be keeping any of the funds from this. (they will be refunded). If for any reason the suit is returned to me I will keep $375 (usd) of the donations to cover the damage to the suit/shipping/PayPal fees, and all other donations will be fully refunded. (*this price may vary depending on how the condition of the suit if it is to be shipped back*)